Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yum Yum

Weather: Clear/partly cloudy and breezy. Warmer. Less humidity. Severe thunderstorm watch.

Wildlife: Less humidity=fewer fireflies. Deer in the road downtown again.

R&R: Stayed in all day yesterday. Took a nice nap. Blessed by Bible study.

I had two ambitions this week. One was to get a massage and the other was to attend the opera. Last night we saw The Mikado, updated to 2008, with “George Bush” as the Mikado, and “Hillary Clinton” as Katisha. Yum Yum was “Paris Hilton” and her two little maids were “Lindsey Lohan” and “Brittney Spears”. It was all very clever, entertaining, and extremely well performed. I knew three musicians in the orchestra, and after the performance visited with one of them for a short while. She is in need of answers for her life and marriage. I think it was no accident that Muffin and I were there, celebrating our 36th anniversary this week.

Today was massage day. Let's just say 90 minutes of fabulosity. And afterward, thirty minutes in the cabin jacuzzi. Yea! Back to no ambition whatsoever after that.

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