Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today is our 36th anniversary. Ahh. I do love my Muffin!
July 8, 2008 --the number 8 signifies new beginnings, as God rested on the 7th day and began anew on the 8th. It has been a quiet, peace filled day. I'll post later about it and include photos of a magnificent, anointed place here in the woods.
I like that new beginning thing. That's a good word.


Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

We must be posting at the same time :)

Love you! And happy, happy, anniversary. Hope you guys are soaking up the relaxation, because it's going to be CRAZY in AZ when you come to visit!

L Boogie (AKA Leslie) said...

Wow, congratulations!!!! I can't wait till we get there. We're at 8 years so far.