Monday, July 28, 2008

Nannie update

She had two “episodes” while we were in AZ with heaviness in her chest and pain in the chest area. The EKG on the day of the spinal injection showed some irregularities. The episode yesterday was severe while she was in church. Upon arriving home after midnight last night, I made some calls this morning, but she had beat me to the punch and made the appointment herself. However, GW told on her to me during our drive home, so I had information she was willing to withhold from the family doc today. Namely, that the pain with these episodes is severe enough that she has considered calling 911. She spends too much time crying on his shoulder and too little time giving him specific symptoms and information, in my opinion, but Dr. Will is extremely patient with her and always blesses her. She told him the only thing wrong with her is that her heart is broken since Daddy died.

Bottom line is that today’s EKG was compared with last week’s and one from 4 years ago. They were very similar. Her “normal” heart rhythm is that every 3rd or 4th beat is abnormal. But that’s consistent.

Last week’s episode was followed by taking a sample medication, Lyrica, prescribed for nerve compression pain. She gave it back to Dr. Will, saying she was sure it caused the heaviness in her chest. He doesn’t think so. Neither do I, because she had a mild episode in the office today, following the EKG. I think this is an anxiety attack, but she takes an antidepressant already-- in a low dose.

Prescription for today included nitroglycerin tabs, in case this is a heart problem that is masked. If she has other episodes he will likely do a stress test and/or CT artery scan. The injection is doing its workout and her pain level is considerable reduced. We’re very thankful!

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