Saturday, July 5, 2008


All the previous paragraphs about July 4 were memories. This year, reality is that Muffin and I had the day mostly to ourselves. We met a friend/co-worker of his at lunch and just visited. He commutes to work also—from Florida. He goes home about every three months or his wife flies here for a short visit. I was feeling pretty blessed by our crazy arrangement by the time we left the restaurant. Four days a week separation seems small in comparison.

After lunch we drove into Cowtown to the Kimbell Art Museum and stayed late. The current exhibit is organized by the Chicago Art Museum, and is a collection of 92 Impressionist paintings. Wonderful! So much more impacting than looking at prints, internet photographs, a TV documentary, or even a well done movie of the same works. My favorite room was either the “Modern Women”—all portraits painted by Renoir, Monet, and others. Such beauty! Such exquisite light and gossamer clothing! These men really revered the women, unlike Picasso, who seemed to have used and abused them (my opinion). And my other favorite room has the series paintings of Monet—the haystacks, the bridge over the Thames in London, and the water lilies. I think if Monet lived currently he would be a photographer, busily capturing the changes of light and atmosphere over water, land and sky, probably flying above, shooting from beneath at all times of day. Again, my opinion, to which I am entitled, n’est pas?

Feeling leg weary, but mentally refreshed and clean and full of light, we headed for Central Market—another feast for the eyes and the taste buds. The cherries, peaches, beans, squashes, melons, berries, and leafy greens, are in high season and oh, so beautiful! It was a pleasure to choose, sample, sniff, and touch. We found sweet potato pancake mix for our upcoming trip. Coffee beans to grind. Spicy lentil and rice mix. Fresh grated gruyere. Frozen edamames. Sweet chipotle dressing. Fresh ground peanut butter. White chocolate apricot bread, as well as a five grain sandwich bread and a tiny blueberry cobbler. Normally I bake some of these things, but this was a special weekend with a special trip ahead and not much cooking allowed! After shopping we bought fresh burgers, grilled on the patio of the market and ate them while listening to live music performed quite well. We briefly considered stopping off for a fireworks show somewhere, but decided to watch one on TV instead of with 59,998 other people parked off the freeway. Which proves that viewing fabulous classic works of art just makes a person smarter.

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