Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Nannie saw Dr. Will on Monday. She is still losing weight because she is nauseated most of the time. He prescribed a new pain medication for her, even though she has an appointment in 2 days for another spinal injection. Hopefully she will not need as much of the original pain medication and will be able to eat more. She still struggles with side effects from meds, with some depression (she's taking an antidepressant), and with thoughts of Dubbie's personal items which are remaining in the house. JB is in town for a couple of days, working and staying at our house. I praying that he will be good medicine for her. She wants so much for him to be able to wear my Daddy's handmade boots--says she cannot bear to give them to someone who did not know him.

At 2:30 CDT on July 24, please pray that she will experience no ill effects or reactions from the injection. Thank you.

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