Monday, July 7, 2008

Not much thinkin, more bout drinkin

Drive me to the sticks and leave me with a big Diet Coke and watch me relax! I mean, I can barely put two words together and I keep running into objects and opening the refrigerator door onto my foot and really graceful things like that. Cause I’m seriously relaxed. I slept almost 10 hours without waking. Spent four hours eating three kashi waffles, drinking two cups of coffee, and doing my Bible study. Didn’t even notice how much time had passed. Listened to everything from Jack Johnson to Kathy Trocolli to Mahler and John Adams while I was musing. You’d think I would notice that two Mahler symphonies take awhile to perform, but in never crossed my mind.

Last night I asked the Lord to speak to me while sitting on the balcony of our cabin here in the Ozarks. Immediately I began to see fireflies. At first, there were just one or two. About a half hour later, there were enough to really notice. By dark, they were really showing off, low to the ground. And the moon—what a show! As a waxing crescent full of light in the western sky, it is framed by a filigree of leaves hanging from the cottonwoods in back of the cabin. Muffin photographed both the fireflies and the moon. But he could not capture on camera the quiet breeze, gentle scent of pine, and the chorus of insects. Can you see why I am relaxed?

After a brief mountain shower we drove into “town” for a meal and to peruse the offerings. There are places like “Myrtie Mae’s”, “Road Kill CafĂ©”, “ Bubba’s”, along with numerous wedding chapels, an art colony, a mountain music theater, the opera, along with pacific rim, Italian, Tex-Mex, and Bavarian restaurants. We chose a gift shop/restaurant with more cars in front and the young lady who runs it is busier than ants trying to climb these hills. She cashiers, waits tables, cleans tables, and caters. If I had to guess I would say that economic issues are driving this community. The real estate signs are growing in yards thicker than the cudzu and pine needles. Gasoline is $4.09 and upwards. May the Lord bless them with abundant knowledge of Him and abundance of blessings.

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