Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just need to write

Lots of thoughts inside my gray haired head today.

  • Sebastian is 7 weeks old. He has grown so much and looks cuddlier than ever.  I miss him.
  • Muffin is on the upside of recovery from a huge infection in his face from a tooth that cracked when he snapped his jaws, falling on the ice in February. First treated for sinus infection, then a root canal, then several days of antibiotics and reactive to the meds.  Finally feeling better.
  • CB & JB are moving from Hill Country to DFW today.  After 13 years in the HC this is a big change for Emme, Ruby, et. al.  I have Maggie and Mo, the border collies, and they finally seem content with me after escaping and being on the lam in the neighborhood for 6 hours the first week we had them.  Scary for us all! God was so good to have a neighbor see them and call us, and CB felt strongly that she should have new tags made for them with our numbers.  

  • Nannie had some major problems with a spot on her arm that included pain, stitches, meds, etc. And her pain meds for her back have been increased for greater comfort. 

  • Joy's brother in law, Kevin, was hospitalized with pancreatitis and is scheduled for a whipple procedure in 17 days. Praying this is totally benign and unnecessary for him.  He's so young!
  • In my studio one of the Dad's is also hospitalized with pancreatitis, is in ICU, but will not have surgery. Another family lost one grandfather three weeks ago and their last grandparent, a very dear grandmother, last week.  Muffin and I took them a meal and I went to the service yesterday.  

  • Monarch butterflies have arrived and are thick in our neighborhood. I see them flying past the window as I teach violin lessons. They are migrating to Mexico.

  • My reunion group sisters are experiencing some tough times and difficulties and my spirit wants to pray for them continuously too
  • We got great news yesterday that I'm not allowed to share yet!!!!!
  • Our opening concert went very well--beautiful music played well.  I felt much pressure from the inside out and the outside in, but it was spiritual in nature.  Muffin and I had a good time of cleansing and freedom on Sunday. 

  • One of my adorably sweet teenage students baked pumpkin bread for me. It is deliciouoso!  (A non official musical term.)
  • We have a new car!  It's another silver Camry, very quiet, very comfortable, and very safe--just what we needed. 
Life is interesting. It is guaranteed that we will have troubles and challenges, but learning to allow God's Kingdom to fully come to earth and dominate those is my goal.  The "King's Dominion"--my heart, my life, my studio, my family, my relationships, my thoughts, my dreams, my breath!