Monday, November 7, 2011

Season of Thanks

I love that our nation sets aside one day a year just to be thankful. Since God inhabits the praises of His people, I believe that He draws very near to the USA on Thanksgiving Day.  Since I would love for Him to be near ALL the time I like to thank Him more often than once a year, or once a month, or even once a day.  Here are a few of the items on my Thank You list for God.
 Muffin, Our Godly husband, father, and grandpa.

 Christel, Becky, Joy, and Kathleen, my beautiful gifts from God.

 The Snelsons, a son for whom we prayed and Ruby and Emme, miracles from God.

 The Wilsfords, another son for whom we prayed and Gracie and Jonah, and our wee little punkin on the way, more miracle gifts from God.

 The Varrones, yet another son for whom we prayed and Baby Sebastian who is 3 months old today, although already a lifetime in our hearts.

 Kathleen, our darling Baby, with her Daddy.

 The Nannie, my Mom.

Nana, Muffin's Mom.