Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jbear is Three!

Today in history:

Three years ago today we waited very impatiently beside the telephone for a call from Michael. It finally came in the early morning after Boo had an emergency C section, 4 days earlier than her scheduled C section. Jbear just couldn’t wait! He’s been in high gear ever since. One week later when we arrived in AZ to visit, he was trying to turn over from his tummy to his back, following both dogs (Lucy and Dixie) with his eyes, and had to be strapped in his swing, infant seat, and couldn’t be trusted on his back on the changing pad. What a high energy boy he has been from the beginning!

Jbear, we pray you will grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and with mankind, and that you will allow Him to direct all your energy every day of your life. May it be a long, blessed life, full of love from, and for your family. May you love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself.

The preferred gift of the evening--a weedeater from Meemaw and Papaw. He calls it a "leedly leeder" and is pretty sure it is trimming grass when he runs it over the back yard. This photo makes me laugh. Jbear is in Gracie's room, making faces at himself in her mirrored closet door, looking oh-so-manly in all that surrounding pinkness.

Here is where Gracie began the evening.And this is what she looked like when we drove away. I miss them already.
Bye bye, Gracie and Jbear. Don't forget Marmee and Gradpa. May the Lord watch between us until we are together once again.

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now you're making me cry

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