Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blessings; more blessings

Today my precious sisters in my Emmaus reunion group gave me a new Bible. They also gave one to my sister whose brother died on the same day as Daddy. It is the Complete Personalized Promise Bible, with declarations for the reader to speak. That's a Good Word! Truth! Profitable for life! These ladies are my only siblings, having been born an only child to my parents. Of course, the others in the Body of Christ are my only siblings too. So, I'm just an "only child" in my earthly family, but not anywhere else. If you follow me. And I hope you do.
Twas also a blessing to complete a planning meeting this morning for a music club to which I belong. I think I am correct in saying that we bless lots of people with our music and three guest programs each year, giving our "gift" to the community. We met for a little more than an hour and planned our eight yearly meetings, complete with hymns, folk songs, leaders and accompanists, study book, and musical program for 2008-09. With a few more confirmations we will take this to print.
Later in the day I was blessed by some Bible study on my own, which I have been craving for weeks. I could have gone on for hours, but the schedule pressed in for exercise, and other disciplinary activities. After the gym I was blessed to visit my Mom, looking over the box full of beautiful sympathy cards and expressions of love sent to our family by so many friends. We had a good visit, and she blessed me with some aloe vera for the patch where I "ironed" my arm.
But the most amazing blessing of the day was this: a call from cousins to say that my Mom's last remaining uncle passed away yesterday, and just hours later, his beloved wife joined him. They were married 69 years and their spirits were so joined, that even though they were too ill to have cognition of one another's physical presence, their bodies went together to be with God in a span of 30 hours. He was such a fun man--always entertaining kids and adults alike with stories. And what a storyteller he was! She was my kindred spirit-a music teacher and pianist, who became an administrator of music education in their suburb. Heaven grew richer again today.

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