Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two weddings, One more memorial service

And today, my Aunt's obituary is online and in the Dallas Morning News. Tomorrow Muffin and I intend to be at the memorial service for both my Uncle and Aunt. It was only two weeks ago that I observed firsthand "til death parts us" with my parents. That one amazing tear, that rolled slowly down my Daddy's cheek in his final moments, the evidence of his last breath and hearbeat as a promise of faithful love for more than 66 years.... I am in awe. If the Body of Christ could only love one another in that same amazing and selfless unity!
Last weekend when listening to the vows of the couples for whose weddings I provided music I almost could not contain my emotions. One of the pastor's even mentioned that as their hands were linked together in youth and promise, so should their hands be linked together when they were old and wrinkled--exactly the way my parents were when Daddy's spirit left his body.
Muffin and I will celebrate 36 years of married life next week. We plan to do so on a vacation, which includes solitude, quietness, music, Bible study and teaching, and opera. Last but first, if you get my meaning--a massage! I just need someone to rub away all my fatigue and make my mind go puddly. No thinkin, no movin, very little breathin for an hour or so. Then, I'll be ready for the opera and the Bible study.
Speaking of which, this No Other Gods (NOG) is much food for thought. And much food to eat--Yum. Today our group had Black Beans and Rice, Caprese Salad with fresh grown ingredients, and a delicious sour cream pound CAKE. In other words, we ate the Word, on Feed on the Word plates, then had our cake and ate it too.

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