Wednesday, July 30, 2008


OK, maybe when I was 10 years younger I would have accepted today's happenings better. Or maybe I would have blown them off and smiled through my hormone patch. But honestly, I cleaned my kitchen three, yes three, times today. And I'm the only person at home! I opened the microwave door after the first cleaning to place part of my lunch--delicious grilled chicken and fresh green beans-- in to warm. And dumped the entire plate upside down on the clean tile. Nothing to do but start over--with lunch and cleaning.

Then, after spending 9 hours cleaning my lint/spider/bug/dirt/paperwork laden house, I thought perhaps I should get my aging bod to the gym. I rode the recumbent bike because I had been on my feet for hours today, and the seat would not adjust without me getting off, then on, then off, then on and finally somewhat adjusted but not really firmly in place. Disgusting clickety clack for 30 minutes. So I went to the resistance machines and finished my time there, came home and found clumps of dog fur where I had already vacuumed. Doggie Scooter is having some sort of trauma, which has been treated at the vet's office and he is literally biting out his fur. I sat with him, gave him treats, told him what a good dog he is, and began my dish for tomorrow's Bible study group, Hashbrown Quiche, only I cooked Canadian bacon, rather than ham, to cut the fat calories. When I began chopping the crisped meat, the cutting board slipped and tiny bits of Canadian bacon went all over the twice-cleaned kitchen. Scooter loved it. I cleaned the kitchen again.

So, I ate a very late supper, began putting away everything that was left out, grabbed a trash bag from the top shelf of the pantry, and accidentally pulled down a precious little resin turkey that I had just bought for my Mother in law's collection--and it broke on the floor. So, I cleaned that and took a shower and called Muffin to talk before we go to bed, as we do each night that he is working out of town. And my email program refused to open. It downloaded some upgrade late this afternoon and hasn't opened since then. Tried system restore. Tried downloading a new version all together. Tried opening that version, and although it totally downloaded correctly, it will not open.

Just going to bed--if I can manage to walk to the bedroom without cleaning something or hitting "retry" 200 times.

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Gretchen said...

Just remember that things have to get better. :)