Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Marvels

Here I sit, watching my marvelous Jbear grandchild playing with Tinkertoys. I miss so much having him live nearby to enjoy, observing him growing up and being one of his teachers. So far this morning we have watched “Super Why”, spelling TEAMWORK, then we have practiced that concept in rolling and unrolling the yoga mat, which is doubling as a tablecloth in the floor for Popsicles and blueberries. And we are simultaneously listening to Silly Songs with Larry. My favorite song is the Cheeseburger. But, this is sooo not about me.
Marvelous Monday includes the good news that Gracie gained 2.5 ounces since Saturday. She had a bit of jaundice, easy to understand in the desert in July, and needed more fluid, which she accomplished. Muffin and I are enjoying the gracious hospitality of Gracie and Jbear’s other grandparents in their absolutely beautiful home. That is where we are spending nights. We hang out with the Grands during the day. I cuddled Miss G for about 45 minutes while she took a nap in her Nannie blanket. What a blessing!
Muffin’s Monday includes toilet repair. I’m sure he will be bowled over. Will he be able to flush out the problem?
Michael’s Monday includes an MRI on his shoulders. I don't think that's heavy--on the shoulders, I mean. We’re praying for excellent reports on those. Marvelous Monday Miracles are Magnificent!

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