Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Fun

Summer. Love summer. Reminds me of baseball, swimming, reading all the books I ever wanted to read and stayed up really late to do so, hanging out with friends, riding bikes and snow cones. Never mind that all those events and pleasantries are far in the past, my youth that got up and went with my get up and go. My memory is fully intact, and I like to think about very long ago. Summer is still a time of reading what I wish to read, but I gave up bicycles and snow cones for other pursuits.

Today I got a pedicure, a hair cut, prepared a bonnet for hand smocking, and ironed my arm. Wish that were a typo, but I did not reach far enough over the iron to grab the spray starch and branded myself. Ouch! So I drove around town with a dishcloth full of ice cubes tucked between the inside of my arm and my ribs.

I shopped for Muffin, buying shirts and shorts and received an order of hats—lovely straw for summer from this store. He looks even better than usual wearing these hats!

Then I went to the gym and wore myself out really good, hoping I can sleep tonight, cause I didn’t again last night.

When I got home, this extraordinary work of humor and entertainment was waiting for me, and you, and anyone who has the address. Now, I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance like I’m their biggest fan, but this is even more entertaining cause he’s my grandson. That boy is really funny. And loud. And funny. His Mama was funny too, so he gets it honestly. Real summer fun.

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