Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Light Moments

After leaving the bank with my Mom today and being further reminded by statements, accounts, death certificates and financial planners that my Daddy is no longer on earth, I wanted to think about the lighter moments of this process. Here are a few:
1. Nannie told the financial planner that if he messed up her expenses and did not leave her enough for daily living that she would move in with him, however, said she, "I don't eat much".
2. At the burial service at 10 a.m. sitting under the cemetery tent in building summer heat, Muffin and I, CB and JB and twins, and Joy and Mike were seated on the second row from the front, directly behind Nannie, Aunt Leona, KaK, and Abigail. About 5 minutes into the 15 minute service, Roo got a bit distracted with the cursive letters embroidered on the back of the folding chair covers belonging to Elmwood Cemetery. She began to read them out loud. "D, O, O, E, L, M---ELMO! ELMO!ELMO!ELMO!" It's such a comfort to know that our two year old has a sight word already.
3. During one of the last visits to the nursing center, Em, who loves her moments of drama, had been "shushed" about all she could stand. So she prissed down the hall with her forefinger to her lips telling everyone she met to "Shh..."
4. Watching old movies--Daddy Long Legs, Skirts Ahoy, and others--with my lovely girls
5. Eating. Eating. Eating well. The girls refer to their habit when coming home as "Abulemia".
It included many cookies, brisket, smoked turkey, a hugh chicken/veggie enchilada casserole, 3, yes 3! cakes, real veggies and 2 super jumbo containers full of salad, 3 loaves of bread, blueberry pancakes, about 2 dozen eggs--scrambled, several runs to Taco Bueno, and the piece de resistance--a S'mores Pie baked by Joy. Abulemia indeed.
6. Sandbox and wading pool time with the twins. Always fun and full of smiles.
7. Remembering, and hearing new Dubbie stories for 2 weeks as friends and family came to visit. He was just a fun guy, as you can see in the slide show.

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Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

I love it that Roo was hollering "EMO!" at the service. She knows just how to make us smile :)