Sunday, June 22, 2008

Muffin and I took Nannie to another service today--gravesite only, but in the same location as Dubbie's burial just 5 days ago. We rearranged our day to accommodate this, because the only notice we had was today's obituary in the local paper. The man who died was a long time member of my childhood church--same church where we had Dubbie's memorial service.
Before that we made two beds upstairs, emptied trash accumulated for 2 weeks, did some laundry, acknowledged more expressions of love and sympathy til running out of stamps, and Muffin repaired our almost 2 decades old fence. After the service we worked out at the gym, then came home to get an ice chest. Then we decided to have lunch at 4:30 and detoured to a restaurant. Finally, we made a stop at our local Sam's Club, then came home to more laundry, cleaning, and household chores. Twice today we've had sleep interrupted by phone calls that seemed very insignificant.
In short, it has been an exhausting day. Tomorrow is the Lord's Day--a day of rest. Right?

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