Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 12

Recreated and Posted June 13

Day 12

One year ago today Daddy broke out in shingles, which was horribly painful and complicated the diabetes. On June 13 Mother had cataract surgery. On June 14 all looked well, with good reports on the eye and Daddy on medication that seemed to be working. June 15 Daddy began to be unstable, falling several times. During that night he fell and really hurt himself and Mother called 911 for help. By the time Monte and I arrived there in the wee hours of the morning, he was stable and had refused ER assistance. Later that morning he fell twice more and on Saturday of that week he went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital later that day. So we spent Father’s Day in the hospital because he had a broken pelvis and was very contagious with the shingles.

As I sit here looking at him today, I am amazed that his heart still beats and he is breathing. The strength to equal his days—that’s what I prayed last year. I looked at my prayer journal from one year ago and saw “let Daddy fly to You”. This journey has been more of a steady, slow walk, with his head turned toward us, looking back and savoring the days, hours, and minutes. He and Mother agreed years ago that no heroic measures would be enforced in case of stroke or other illness or injury leading to death—no feeding tubes, no life supports, nothing to prolong life that yearned for eternity in heaven.

Mother cried while she ate the chicken dinner delivered by a sweet friend. It is unseemly to eat and to enjoy it in this room. She is exhausted. She left long enough for a shower and a change of clothes this morning, leaving JB, our sweet son in law, with Dubbie. Today she will leave again to get her hair done by a precious friend who has visited faithfully and is rearranging her schedule to accommodate Mother. She says she slept about 4 hours last night while JB sat here, working on his lap top. That enabled Muffin and me to sleep in a real bed for 8 hours, for which we are extremely grateful.

CB is very hoarse and is resting with JB at home while Kak watches the twins, takes calls and manages. She also rested well last night. I think the high winds are causing major allergic reactions, such as sneezing, sore throat, itchy eyes, and migraines. God is good, and we will all persevere and develop character in doing so. Dubbie would like that.

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