Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nannie, Part 2

Perhaps it is because she sat mostly idle at Dubbie’s bedside for 2 weeks. Perhaps it is because she likes to be active. Perhaps she is remind too poignantly of his absence by looking at his personal belongings. For whatever reason, Nannie is in “purge mode”. She gave more items to two of the granddaughters today before they left town, and sent some with them for me and for the great-grandchildren.

For both of us the most difficult day of the sum of difficult days was his admittance to the nursing home. I wrote this on that day, almost exactly one year ago.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am home. Just downloaded Chris Rice’s “Short Term Memories” so I can hear Come to Jesus and cry while I’m alone. It was so good to see Daddy cognizant and alert again today. Last Friday morning at 2 a.m. on the way to answer my parents’ call for help when Daddy fell for the fifth time in two days, I heard the Lord say we were on a journey that wouldn’t be all unpleasant. Yesterday I asked you, Father, that Daddy would regain his dignity, peace and reasoning. Thank you. Thank you for victory in this journey. Today I ask that Mother, Daddy, I and all my extended family will regain our joy. Abigail is asking what we will do without Dubbie. It breaks my heart to hear it spoken. I want him to fly to you, Father. I want his only visions and dreams to be of your kingdom and your power and dominion and glory. I want Him to be familiar with your realm before leaving this one. Thank you for giving what we ask. I receive it for him.

So, I thank you, Father, that my mom is moving, not stagnant, and moving forward, not backward, and that she is thankful even in loneliness. You are good. The journey was not totally unpleasant, and there has been wonderful, beautiful music. Amen.

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