Wednesday, June 18, 2008


An interesting process is evolving--Muffin and my sons in law are feeling empowered by the Holy Spirit to step up and share the responsibilities Dubbie shouldered, but in a new way. JB spent an hour with Roo Monday night telling her Dubbie stories. Said it calmed her like nothing else would. He totally broke down on the phone telling us about it. Only minutes later Mike arrived at JB & CB's house on his way to a hotel and told them he had to stop by the side of the road on the way and just sit and cry for awhile. Michael had some similar moments before they left TX.

Muffin says the definition of a fast is to willingly give up food/water for a purpose that humbles one before God and honors Him. Years ago my Daddy made a decision that no heroic measures would be made in the event that he became seriously ill and was near death. His resolve in faithfulness to that decision was his final fast to the Father. God always honors our fasting, and my family, both blood relatives and the Body of Christ, is benefiting from that faithful decision. We're still learning about Dubbie.

In the words of Selah's song, Faithful One:
Faithful, faithful to the end, my true and precious friend,
You have been faithful, faithful, so faithful to me.
And when the day is gone and when the race is won I will bow down before the risen Son.
And I will lift my hands in praise for all He's done and I will worship You, my faithful One.

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