Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Already

Wow. November zoomed by. It seems distant already, in fact. Perhaps because I don't want to think about missing Kathy, or missing other dear ones who have crossed over from the kingdom of this earth to the Kingdom of Heaven, my mind wanders to places unseen by physical eyes. Perhaps the conference on Healing and Impartation influenced my perspectives on time and eternity. Perhaps the experiences in ministry this month have affected my ability to accurately divide time and place.

Or maybe it was our trip northwest to visit Nana, driving through the harvested cotton fields on a windy day under a late fall sky on the high plains. Those miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles, along with a few cotton bales and oil rigs and wind turbines can really mess with a person's perspectives.
Maybe it was the day spent quietly at Nana's, just visiting and watching Aunt Kak, our darling baby, show Nana photos of the children she nannies. She has dozens of photos of these adorable cherubic twins and their siblings and delights in telling us their adventures in learning. Our family loves to watch children learn, direct their experiences and discoveries, photograph the events, and then talk about them forever.
This is random, I know, but Nana collects turkeys, mostly given to her because of her awesome talent as a turkey caller. Here are a few of them.
After a long nap in the car, a meal of leftovers from Thanksgiving Day, a delicious raspberry cheesecake, and a visit, I curled up on the sofa with an excellent book, Laura Bush: an Intimate Portrait of the First Lady, by Ronald Kessler. Great way to get lost in time.

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