Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Welcome to our home! In side the front door, hanging under the entry light is a mobile creche. It is unfinished wood and reminds me daily of the humble circumstances of Jesus birth. He arrived as a baby, dependent on His parents for care, but knowing His Father was The Source.
This little table is an antique, refinished long ago by Nana who gave it to us twenty years ago when we moved to this house because it matched our floor tile. I love it. This season I chose a lace angel with the caption "Rejoice!" to grace the blue wall. Red and white candles give us light. We rejoice because the Light of the World has come!
Around the corner is the music room, my violin studio, and sometime extra dining area. Along with the permanent posters and original art with music in mind, I added a Norfolk pine with music themed ornaments, scrolled music tied in ribbons, my small collection of musical angels and music shops. Garlands of notes trace the windows and doorway. Jesus has given me a New Song, and helps me play skillfully on the strings with loud shouts! (Ps 33:3)

I selected children's books from our home library to display with the music shops. Some of them are on the table and some are under it. Many small children come to my house each week and I like to welcome them with stories and music and cozy places to experience both.

From the front door the buffet is visible. My sister in love (in-law), Tracie, gave me these nutcrackers and the sculpture is an original by Kathleen. The candles provide more reminders of the Light of the World and are reflected by the mirror, which is an antique, salvaged from Dubbie's barber shop.
The table is set with a new runner, a gift from Texans in Tanzania, and old fashioned handmade trivets. Come feed on the Living Bread!
Hanging from the stairway railing are the family stockings, including one for Scooter. Jesus himself is the Gift we celebrate.

The tree is full of ribbons, angels with violins, other music themed ornaments, and balls of red, gold and silver. He is more precious than gold!
The trees of the fields will clap their hands when He returns!
He is the Door.
“Dear baby Jesus, how tiny thou art.
I’ll make a place for thee in my heart.
And when the stars in the heavens I see,
Ever and always I’ll think of thee.”
Alfred Burt, "The Star Carol", lyrics by Wilha Hutson

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