Thursday, December 3, 2009

Music, Snow, Food, and Scooter

Tis the season for much fa-la-la-music. Rehearsal this morning. Rehearsal tomorrow night and the following morning. Two concerts and a wedding after the morning rehearsal.

Following the rehearsal and a quick trip to the Wal Marts for some pansies and greeting cards, I decided to make a few treats for the Muffin, who drove home tonight. Because he was the first person I dated who actually tolerated my rehearsals--no, not just tolerated, understood that I MUST--I decided that he was a keeper right away. I'm sad that I won't get to spend that much time alone with him on Saturday. Of course he will come to one concert and we will be together tomorrow most of the day. Anyway, I decided that he deserved a Paula Deen Fruit Tart. I had all these yummy berries in the fridge and made it with a processed whole wheat flour pastry crust and cream cheese and vanilla filling--berry delicious!

But I also ordered these unique biscuit cutters and received them in the mail this week, so I wanted to make scones with them.

Here is the finished product: Cranberry Scones with fluted edges. Out of the oven just in time for Muffin's arrival, and before the snow falls tonight.

Yes, I said snow. We had beautiful snow in the middle of the night Tuesday/Wednesday, but the ground temperature was too warm for it to stick very long. Not so tonight! I even bought a sweater for Scooter. Isn't he festive?

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