Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday Snow Soup

Today is the Tuesday after Christmas Day. The first day since December 23 that we have been able to get back to the gym. The treadmill and the recumbent bike were waiting for me, empty and lonely, cold and ... Oh alright, they were well warmed by previous users.

Snow was falling softly when we got up this morning. Rather than being the near blizzard conditions from Christmas Eve the temperature hovered near the freezing mark so we had clear streets and only a dusting on the grass. Muffin and I went to the bakery to buy fresh honey oat and challah breads. On to Sam's Club for Lysol disinfectant spray to kill these nasty cold and stomach virus germs being passed around the family. We also bought some fresh food and ordered a cake for a baby shower at our church on Sunday.

Snow was still falling when we left Sam's and headed to the HEB for the remaining groceries. Joy and Mike made Butternut Squash Soup and needed fresh squash, dried thyme, fresh sage, and we had completely consumed all milk products in the fridge and needed to milk some cows and soy beans. As we passed through the produce section I noticed that the bakery lady was unloading her cart, straight out of the kitchen, into the bolillo bin. The lid on the bin was steaming over with heat from those soft little buns. At four for a dollar I knew a bargain that would be a hit with the home kids! I wrapped them in plastic sacks and we drove straight home, so they were still slightly warm when we arrived home. I enjoyed one with leftover barbecued brisket and Asian slaw.

After unloading the car and the dishwasher Muffin and I headed to the gym, which was closing early due to weather, but I'm not sure why, because the place was full and the parking lot was crowded. Anyway, Joy called and asked for some dried thyme, so Muffin went next door to the small grocery by the gym while I finished my workout. Mike, Joy and Kaki went to visit Nannie, who is still keeping Scooter for us, because we traveled to see Nana yesterday and open gifts with her. We came home last night, but left him there to keep Nannie company.

When the chefs came back to our house they completed the soup. It was so totally worth the wait! Yum! Snow has stopped. Emme played imaginary family with throw pillows and helped with the soup a little bit. Ruby read Sesame Street books to Grandpa. Maggie and Mo Dogs are snuggled by the fire, as are Joy, Mike, Kathleen, CB and JB.

It is our last night all together. I would like to put this evening in a small pouch, or inside a lovely tin, and pull out some family togetherness every week. If only I could bundle Family, Soup, and Snow and market them as a package to lonely, homesick people.

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