Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Entertainment

Our family is easily entertained. Old movies. Glee episodes. Old stories of high school pranks. Nana's turkey calls. Watching the "littles" be kids.
This falls into the final category: watching Emme adore Uncle Mike. "Uncle Mike, I love you. Uncle Mike, tickle my tummy. Hiiiiiiiieeeeee, Uncle Mike. Merrrrrrrryyyyy Christmas, Uncle Mike. Wanna snuggle, Uncle Mike?" It goes on, and on. Uncle Mike is the highly favored relative and Emme is all about giving him the adoration she feels he deserves.

More entertainment...
  • In church this morning, Ruby reading the "Holy Bible. In the beginning and once upon a time there was a Holy Bible named Scott" . (This particular pew Bible was dedicated to Scott.)
  • At lunch today, both girls saying "booga booga, AHHHHHHHHH!" in unison on the same pitch. Then falling over laughing at each other.
  • Emme declaring that cowgirls say "Cowboy!", rather than 'giddyup' when riding their stick horses around the room.
  • Ruby reading the cover of the Oprah magazine: How to get what you really want this year!
  • Both girls relating their favorite sights from the tour of Christmas lights around town.
  • "Pretty trees! Snowmen! Animals! Candy Canes! Beyoootiful!"
  • Ruby singing "Meet me in St. Louis" as she walked up the stairs to bed

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