Saturday, December 12, 2009

photo.php.jpg It was a good day. Body Flow was a challenge. Since no one was in the Pilates room we connected an iphone to the audio equipment and I did my one hour personal training to GLEE music. Love the quality of singing, dancing, writing, acting on that TV show! Not always crazy about the content, but the quality is raising the bar.

Muffin and I went to the Wal Marts and Christmas and grocery shopped. We listened to local radio broadcasting the AHS Eagle state playoff football game against Klein. Eagles win! On to State, Warbirds!!!!! Ate lunch from Wendy's in the car and our discussion led to some prayer time before entering the Wallyworld. Took the interstate and loop to J.C. Penny's and saved some money on Christmas gifts.

Best part of the day so far: Skyping with Gracie and Jonahbear as they munched on Doritos!!

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