Monday, November 30, 2009

Still Thankful

Thanksgiving Day is past, and most of the good food is consumed (turkey pot pie remains), but I am still thankful
for my precious husband, who drives more than 300 miles round trip each week to work
for his wonderful job, even though it is far away
for Muffin's faithful and fervent prayers for our family, friends, and many others
for our family--two mostly healthy octogenarian mothers, who are very entertaining and loving
for four beautiful grown up daughters who honor us and who positively affect the culture where they live, and for the jobs where they work
for three handsome, intelligent, God fearing sons-in-love who love our daughters and protect them fiercely, and for their good jobs
for the four most beautiful, intelligent, and entertaining grandchildren who have ever lived on Earth
for our extended family, our church family, our dear friends, our missionary friends and family, our pastors, those who provide services for us and care for us
for our pets, who bring so much joy
for safety, security, and blessings of our nation
and, most of all, for God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In additional to the aforementioned, I'm very thankful for hot water, good plumbing, and coffee--delicious, fresh ground coffee--good books, my lovely 102 year old violin and more modern bow, lots and lots and lots of great music, a pleasant car that gets reasonably good mileage, my iphone and computer, and lots of other "stuff" that makes life easier.

Feeling blessed. Hope you are too!

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