Friday, November 20, 2009

Not a Coincidence

Muffin and I had a busy day. First thing this morning I had Pilates training, followed by Body Flow class. Afterward we made a quick trip home to load the car with gingerbread, boxes of slides, and boxes and sacks of clothing and supplies. The boxes of slides were neatly packaged for mailing, and Fedex is sending them on their way to be scanned and returned to us digitally mastered. In those boxes are thousands of slides of CB as a baby, our first dog, King Solomon V, our years living in California, and the births of Boo and Joybear. Family holidays and vacations during those years are also captured on film. We're trusting the Lord to monitor Fedex and this company closely!

The gingerbread was wrapped in shiny foil and labeled for the bake sale portion of the Palm House Garage Sale. And the boxes and sacks of clothing and supplies were delivered to Mission Thanksgiving. After completing our tasks we went to eat Chinese at a lovely place, then shopped for Thanksgiving Day groceries at one store.

On my way to the health club this morning I noticed a huge black Labrador in a yard about half a mile from our house. On our way back, almost 3hours later, he was not too far from the same yard, trying to dodge cars on a moderately trafficked street. I stopped. He came right to me. Muffin pulled up behind us and we check the tags. Merlin belonged to a family we knew, who didn't live far, so we took him home and made the call to the number on his tag. No one home. Late this afternoon, early evening actually, when we returned from all the errands and late lunch, Merlin and Scooter were cohabiting happily in the back yard. I called the house once again and one of the adult children answered, saying he would be right over to claim Merlin. Mark graduated from high school with our Becky and wasn't exactly headed in the right direction with his life for a few years. I was so shocked to see him. He is tall, handsome, Marine clean, and in between French language school and a job with a Bible translation company. His heart is to bring the Word to all people in their "heart language". And he knows my former students who are on mission in Burkina Faso! We talked for about 30 minutes while Merlin rested on a leash and Mark promised to bring by a newsletter so we could keep up with him. As we parted we promised to pray for him and thanked Merlin for connecting us.

Isn't God the coolest?????

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