Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite day of the week

Today is Thursday. That means Muffin drives home this evening. Yea! Not just because he's arriving, but because of neediness, I made gingerbread, washed towels and pillows, cleaned the bathroom thoroughly, and sorted through tons of "junk".

Gingerbread is an old favorite reminding me of college days with my bestest roommate, Margaret. We would haul to the bakery when were emotionally needy and buy a "man"--a gingerbread man. Then we would sit in our dorm room and sing and play "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". Just because. She is a soprano and I would play my violin or whatever instrument I happened to be studying at the moment as a music education major. Very cathartic. I recommend it.

Towels and pillows just get dirty, you know. Dead skin cells and dust and all that stuff. Besides, my pillow just isn't as fluffy as I like it lately.

In the bathroom I even turtle waxed the faux marble and shined it. Then I washed my hair in the laundry room sink so I wouldn't mess up my shiny bathroom. I know you wanted that information.

Junk. One man's junk is another man's treasure. Or woman's. That's what I'm counting on, anyway. I found items and clothing that I'm packing for our local Mission Thanksgiving and for our church's Palm House garage sale. Both worthy causes. Both dependent on giving and generous people. Tomorrow is the big day for both groups. Come. Give. You'll be blessed!

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