Friday, November 6, 2009

Just another Friday

Today was supposed to be just another Friday. Most Fridays Muffin and I go to the health club to work out, then have lunch and run errands like shopping at the Sam's Club, picking up bread at the bakery, or stopping by Best Buy or the grocery store. Then we have a cozy day at home with our computers or watching recorded TV shows.

Mostly we did those things. But "just another Friday" had an item on the agenda that I never expected to attend---Kathy's funeral visitation. Even though I saw her body lying there in the casket and knew her spirit is eternally with the Lord Jesus, whom we worshipped together, I still felt like she should be standing there with her family. This is too weird for words! She was sick for less than 4 months. Extremely ill for less than one week. I'm attending a conference next week and Kathy registered about twenty of us for this event. It's a healing conference.

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