Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the Mend

Speaking of broken... This morning was interesting. C. has this class of 3 women, M., E., and T. She asked Becki an I to come this morning and minister to them, as they come from broken backgrounds--lots of disfunction. They are leaning how to pick up their lives and do something toward getting jobs and restoring their families. Becki took charge and showed a DVD of the Francis McNutt School of Healing. I was a little uncomfortable with it, because it was so low key that it bordered on too gentle for women coming from these circumstances. Also, the DVD’s are targeted to people who want to teach about healing, not who are there to receive healing. Anyway, God always uses these things no matter what. We prayed, paired off one on one and were supposed to lead our “person” through prayers of forgiveness. T. told me right away that she had already gone there, forgiven, and all parties involved in hurting her were deceased. So, I just used the Presenting Jesus tool from Sozo and asked her if she would be willing to revisit one hurtful place in her life and ask Jesus to show up in that. She chose her birth. She was born to a 14 year old mother, product of rape, and her mother tried to get rid of the pregnancy in every way possible, then walked away after the birth. T.’s biological father’s parents found out about the baby and came after her, because they were Methodist ministers and felt obligated, but the son was also a child abuser, so they brought her into that situation as well, and never really loved her. She has survived all that and many accidents that should have resulted in death, and knows that God has kept her alive, but has admittedly taught herself not to feel anything at all. So, with much trust in Jesus to do this thing for her, to set her free in one area of her life, I asked her to close her eyes and just try to return to the place of her birth, to see if God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit were there with her. I asked what she saw and she said “nothing”. I asked her to look again and see if she saw Jesus, the Father, or the Holy Spirit. All she saw was light. Light is good! I told her that Jesus is the Light of the World that shines in Darkness and asked where the light was in the room. Right over the bed. Who is on the bed? She is the baby on the bed! Is the light moving, shimmering, doing anything? No. Just staying right there. So, I took that as a very positive sign that Jesus has always been there as a Light for her, shut down the ministry session, spoke into her life by telling her she is an overcomer and that God wants to do great and mighty things, based on the seriousness of the attacks against her life, and that she can always look at that light and know that He is with her and has always been. She kept talking for about 15 minutes, and took the brochure from the church with the healing ministry number. I pray she will seek more prayer and more ministry in the future. There were tears falling before she left, so I know that the Holy Spirit touched her in some deep place and began healing a part of her.

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