Monday, September 1, 2008

Foiled Again

Age has its perks—senior discounts (not old enough yet), respect and reverence (waiting on that one, too), wisdom (put my order in a long time ago). But today was not one which offered the perks.

Felt every bone in the body early on today, probably because it’s been 3 days since I worked out. Would do that tomorrow but I begin teaching for the fall semester and that will be for 8 hours and 45 minutes, with a short break for lunch.

Age is not in my favor with Nannie. She had agreed to meet me at the gym and consider my advice to spend one, two, or three days a week with the trainers who teach Active Living for seniors. However today she overdid her time on the stationary bicycle at her home and has now decided that she will not try anything new that might cause her to hurt.

Scratch that idea. It was primarily to help her get involved with new people in a new place where she had not built an album of memories with Daddy. But, no deal now. It may hurt.

However, the day was not lost. Upstairs is ready for the next visit. Muffin made the yard look fabulous. Reunion group was great, with lots of good prayer taking place. The Cheesemyhead family is coming to visit later this month. Most of what I need is in place in the studio for tomorrow’s first Fall lessons. Downstairs carpets are cleaned with foil still under the table legs. Foiled again in more ways than one.

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