Sunday, August 31, 2008

Early Party & Audio Adrenaline

Backtracking through the day—

  • Writing an article for the local newspaper as part of my publicity chair duties for a music organization
  • Watching on video cam as Em and Roo ate their cheese sandwiches, spelled their words, and blew kisses at us. Way cute!
  • Reading about Gracie and Jbear going to church today. Makes my heart sing!
  • Grilling hatch chile cheese sandwiches for supper
  • Taking a wee nap. Ahhhhhh.
  • Saturday shopping at SAM’s on Sunday. Not my favorite thing to do.
  • Partying with GW & Abigail, Muffin and Nannie for her 87th birthday, which is Tuesday. We ate at Rosa’s, then adjourned to Nannie’s for gifts and Chocolate Mint Cake. Gave her a certificate for a massage and a pink embroidered apron, “The First Lady”, from my favorite store at national airport, Washington, DC.
  • Playing “Wonderful, Merciful Saviour” for church service at 11:00 and for a Sunday School class at 9:30. Only I was late because Muffin had some important conversation in the car as we arrived, and I didn’t want to interrupt, and I knew that the pianist was waiting for me in the fellowship hall, and that the SS class was waiting for me upstairs, and they were—actually sitting and waiting, just for me. How embarrassing and so obvious that I hadn’t tuned well and was rushing to play. Oh well. Better next time.
  • Getting a phone call from Kak just after I played for SS that she was feeling really terrible and asking advice
  • Leaving church to go home and fetch the gifts, originally planned as a trip home to leave my violin in a cool place for the morning, but then learning I would be playing for the church service
  • Cleaning all the glass on two cars in the garage as I waited for Muffin to rescue me
  • Locking myself out of the house when I retrieved the gifts. No problem. Have a spare car key in my purse, which is in the car (keys in the house). Only…the spare key only unlocks the car door and has a chip which will not allow starting the car.
  • Calling Muffin to catch a ride to the house for a rescue so I would not miss the offertory at church, for which I was to be providing music.
  • Waking up in a stupor because our very old telephone with our land line started ringing on its own at 3 a.m. Muffin thought he shut it down. But actually he temporarily discouraged it, then he shut down. I kept hearing screaming noises from 4-8 a.m., but it all mixed with dreams and consequently, I really didn’t sleep. Audio Adrenaline!

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