Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Travels with Marmee; or What I did last Week

Immediately after arriving four hours later than our original flight was scheduled, we checked into our amazing hotel in Pentagon City, the Marriott Residence Inn. Love this hotel.

It is family friendly, has a delicious hearty breakfast included in the price, and the rooms have a beautiful view of the Air Force Memorial. Many military families choose this hotel and it just simply makes you proud that these wonderful people are defending our nation.

In the absence of lunch, Muffin and I downed a Cliff bar and met our church friends in the lobby, walked to the Metro station and bought fare cards for the duration of our stay. Our group rode to Gallery Place and spent two hours at the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum in its recently renovated building. Fabulous! There is a portrait of a mother and child there that I always return to see. Love the stained glass windows on display. Got lost and amused in the Folk Art section.

Completely enjoyed the O’Keefes and Hoppers, too. Here is an artist rendition of the Lincoln Inaugural Ball, a lovely exhibit that is currently showing.

The museum stays open late in the summer and we were famished by 7 p.m. Joybear met us at Jaleo’s, where we ordered tapas and shared with one another, laughing and talking about health care and the elderly, Joy’s job. Take a virtual tour here. We ate delicious flatbread with tomatoes, fish, and herbs. Spinach with raisins and nuts. Spanish tortilla with eggs and potatoes and herbs. Skewered chicken, cooked to perfection. Chorizo and little beans. And perfectly rounded chocolate mousse with Spanish coffee for dessert. Go. Eat at Jaleo’s by Gallery Place, in Crystal City, or in Bethesda, MD.

Excuse me, I'm making myself very hungry.

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