Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Trouble

All began well. View this, and this. Made me smile. Two siestas came over for our final Bible study of the summer. We studied, prayed, and ate well, avoiding the Three Dreaded H’s of summer. But I had an outstanding internet order with guaranteed delivery today and the tracking indicated delivery at any moment. I waited. I ran errands and got a lovely pedicure. I made schedules, phone calls, wrote policy and calendars for the studio. I watched a recorded episode of Burn Notice, eliminating all commercials. I nursed a headache. No delivery. I work more on the schedule as the evening wore on. No delivery. I took leftover goodies to Nannie and great books for her to read if she cannot sleep, which has been too often since Dubbie died.

On the way out the driveway the garage door bounced up, which it sometimes does, but this time it would not stay down. On the way home I called Muffin who gave me instructions on using the ladder and a screwdriver to make adjustments, except it didn’t work. About 5 trips up and down the ladder, many turns of the screw and many lift/lower bounces later, a terrible clattering noise occurred and no movement at all on the next trial lift/lower. So, down the ladder, and a trial to manually lower the door and SNAP! The chain broke. So, with many errands to run and a trip planned I will be manually operating the garage door until, oh, say 10 days from now, when we can get parts replaced. This is not the sort of uplifting experience for which I pray. Oh, and while the door was halfway up/down and I was gone for 45 minutes delivering goodies, UPS delivered. The scan indicated it was out for delivery at 6:30 a.m. and the delivery was about 8:30 p.m., but still within the 3 day limit, so Yea. I think I’m experiencing two of the three dreaded H’s now—hungry and hormonal, so be warned to BOB! Back Off Buddy!

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