Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quiet weekend

No weddings, funerals, shopping, out of town trips—didn’t even make it to the gym today. Here’s what we did do:

  • Scoped out puppy pictures online
  • Cleaned the music room, purging old sticker sheets, old festival brochures, old coloring books, old violins. NO! Wait. We love old violins.
  • Read blogs, and more blogs
  • Watched our new 37” Toshiba HDTV
  • Worked in the yard (just Muffin, not I)
  • Watched a rain storm make its way into town and rain on the newly cleaned yard
  • Bought a few groceries, including ice for a 40th birthday party
  • Attended aforementionted birthday party
  • I talked to Nannie while Muffin bought brackets to secure the new TV
  • Made a Mint Chocolate Cake filled and covered in Chocolate Ganache for Nannie’s birthday lunch tomorrow. Recipe in this book (minus the mint and Ganache) if you can find it.

It was a very quiet Saturday for us

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