Friday, August 22, 2008

More about The Call

The man on the right is Dr. Nigel Bigpond, whose ministry and prayer at The Call, DC 2008 was very powerful. He prayed for all Native Americans and for repentance for the sins of our nation against them. He broke bondages off the tribes, naming them by name, and praying for each one. After his prayers, other ministers prayed for him, for our nation, for forgiveness.
And then, on his knees before thousands of people on the Mall near the Capitol of the United States, Dr. Bigpond let his hair down and freed it from his braid, signifying that "it is finished". This work is done. Just as the sacrifices in the temple are finished. Just as the shedding of blood to cover sin is finished. Just as Jesus finished His work.

It is a moment I will not forget.

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