Thursday, September 11, 2008

Age and Experience

This is my banner this week. So far I have dropped a jug of water I picked up by the unreliable handle. I knew that about the handle--just did it anyway. And I forgot to close off the doggie door after a rainstorm, even though we had just cleaned the carpets. I stayed up very late last night hand-cleaning off the mud. Then, there was the DVRecording I tried to drop to a DVD, although I should have known that the recording was bad, because I was there when the TV went to green screen because the local station lost its feed. One DVD wasted.

Yesterday I picked up a flower pot off the front porch so I could plant some recently rooted basil in it. It only had potting soil in it. Brought it inside, planted the rooted plants, poured a bit of water over it, and started outside with it. When I realized all the water was running straight through the drainage hole, I remembered why the plants originally planted in it wouldn't live. Plus I had to clean the tile where all the water leaked. I shoulda known better!

Tonight, tomorrow, and the next day I'll be reminded again and again that making mistakes is a way of life, until my fingers thoroughly learn all the notes and bowings for the Saturday night concert. Discipline. Wisdom. Practice. Knowledge. oops. Discipline. Pracitce, knowledge, wisdom. Oops. Discipline......

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