Sunday, September 21, 2008

They're Here!

Am I in heaven, or what? Three of the daughters, one of the sons, and ALL of the GRANDS are at my house. And Muffin is taking a day off to catch up from the days (and nights) we stayed awake with Nannie in the hospital. Yea!

So I've been having a nice conversation with Gracie and teaching her how to do a Beauty Queen wave, because she is definitely destined to be a BQ. We had some time with the "taggie" ball, kicking and listening to the chime inside it. She has a great two month old giggle and chatter.

Spent some quality time giving Big Boy Jonah a bath and singing "Five Little Ducks" while he splashed and I poured water on him. He took a walk to the lake with his Daddy, played in the sand box with Grandpa--who is a really fun guy, and played with Aunt Kaki. Then he danced with Roo, even though she negotiated to quit--"Bye bye" "Night Night, Jonah". Em was loving "Baby Signing Times", which I recorded specially for her, and she let me hold her and read part of her ABC book. Speaking of ABC's, Roo spelled "Happy", sang the Sesame Street "A, OK" song, while Em signs parts of it. All three of them love to sing! Jonah sings all his pre-school songs and Em and Roo fill in the blanks.

It makes my music-teacher-heart very happy.

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