Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Same Kind of Different as Me

Tonight I was greatly privileged to hear the authors of this book speak to incoming Abilene Christian University freshmen and other guests. About a year and a half ago I read their book and promptly bought two copies, which I still circulate to willing readers. I thought I could not be touched more deeply than when I read Ron and Denver’s book originally, but hearing them speak almost broke my heart with love.

Ron’s main message is that most of us want to make ourselves feel better when we help a homeless person. We do one thing—give money, or food, or donate clothing—and expect that to make a difference. But real love keeps giving until the homeless person is different, changed, improved, headed in a different direction to a different lifestyle.

Denver’s primary message is about Jesus. Jesus changed his life and showed him how to love and receive love. He still prefers to be introduced as “nobody who will tell anybody who will listen about the Somebody who changed me”. His heart cries out to preach the gospel. He reminded the audience that the only thing we own is what we give away.

Denver is an artist represented by a Dallas gallery now. He gives his earnings to Debbie’s Chapel.

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