Friday, September 5, 2008

Alphabet Opera

Muffin and I traveled south today, down highways blocked by construction, cattle, and tractors outside little towns. The fields are green (Thank you, God, for the recent abundant rains.). The sunflowers, cows, horses and goats are very happy. It was a pleasant 3 ½ hours in the car visiting and listening to podcasts. When we arrived we had called ahead to let CB know that we were nearby so we wouldn’t startle anyone. Opening the front door we heard two little voices from the kitchen table singing the alphabet, counting to 10, and finally saying, “Grandpa, Marmee!” Very sweet sounds.

We played house, took photos, danced, watched Baby Signing Times, read books, made tents, ran and played on the slide and in the sand box outside, found a bunny rabbit in the yard, and ended the evening as we started the afternoon, with an Alphabet Opera, and of course, prayer. Best two year old sopranos in Texas! And I’m not biased in any way whatsoever.

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