Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Happy Birthday (yesterday) to the incomparable JB, father of the Rowdy Girls, and our First Son-in-love! When we first heard your name, it rolled off the lips of CB with love, although she tried to be subtle. We knew she was smitten.

You were both 19, just before your 20th birthday. Just a few months later you were at our house, and we knew you were a keeper when you hit it off with Kak right away. Not to mention Boo and Joy. The icing on the birthday cake was final approval of Nana and Papaw, who saw you often, and Nannie and Dubbie who have always loved you.

Thank you for being a wonderful husband to CB, for spoiling her, and letting her think she's the boss lady.

Thanks for being a great Daddy to Em and Roo--we knew you were smitten with them about 1 minute after their births.

Thanks for being a fabulous brother, brother in law, uncle and son in law with a servant's heart and hands, a perpetual sense of humor,

and an endless capacity for assisting in moving the McGirls into and out of dorms, apartments, and storage facilities. God bless you with many more healthy and gloriously happy birthdays in His watchful care and love. We love you!


RowdyGirls said...

Some day you will pay for the picture...and I love you too.


kasogayle said...

He is very good at moving people, that's for sure! Hope JB had a great birthday...I have so many crazy, zany memories of when he and CB were dating!