Friday, July 16, 2010


Not much happening in the studio in July and August.  These three teenage turkeys showed up to rehearse for a day of performances though.  They asked if I would be photographing their faces.  "No", I said. "Your knees."

Knees are such a lovely part of our anatomy.  Even Scooter is impressed.

These two brothers had the audacity to grow inches and inches over the past few months, outgrew their violins and needed new ones. The new ones, of course, needed markings--little narrow tapes for finger placement. I use racing stripe tapes in three colors from the auto store.  It's sticky, pretty, and narrow enough to keep little fingers fairly accurately in tune.  T is very proud of his new violin!

B, his brother, got his new violin and finger tapes two weeks ago.  He decided to cheese for the camera at the very last minute.  

One day of teaching, five students, about an hour and forty five minutes, lots of repetition, lots of encouragement, lots of attention to bow strokes and intonation and dynamics and especially to ensemble playing, a few minutes of tuning and sticky tapes and peeling backing off the adhesive, and then a visit from a cellist who came by to get a gig folder.   An afternoon of satisfaction and blessing--priceless!

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