Friday, July 16, 2010


Last weekend we were having fun. Lots of fun. We were with the Rowdy Family. Friday was a rainy day and characterized by too much cabin fever and too many indoor activities.  Saturday was beautiful. 
The girls woke up declaring, " Saturday! Let's go to Trudy's!"  So, of course we did.

Roo was already ordering in the car on the way--bacon, eggs, bacon, migas, bacon, waffles, bacon and "yellow" (lemon bars), and bacon.  She also discovered Tres Leches Cake. After three pieces of bacon, migas, eggs, waffles, and some pineapple.

Em was quietly eating even more than Roo.  The Kona coffee was excellent! 

We took advantage of a playground near the Apple store.  Roo like the giant armadillo. Em was cozy with the butterfly bench. 

And the fountain.

Both Em and Roo were quite taken with the kids station at the Apple store. Dr. Seuss and Photo Booth were the big hits.  And Marmee got a new adapter and connecter.

Love these sweet times together!

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