Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Welcome to Villa Varrone!  The new home of Joy and Mike.

The church across the street from their new house is a lovely Episcopal church.  We enjoyed the 5 pm service there this evening.  The parishioners are mostly from the neighborhood and seem to have invested their lives in this church. Last night we sat on the screened in porch with Joy and Mike and enjoyed hamburgers cooked on their new grill while guests and family attending a wedding lit sparklers on the church steps. 

Our boys, eating burgers made with beef and bison. Beeson Burgers? Bifson? Bife Burgers? 

This DC neighborhood is cool.  We walked to a local restaurant for lunch yesterday and ate on the patio. 
Joy just walked to Whole Foods Market for corn to grill this evening. Muffin walked to the Market earlier for Worchestershire sauce.  This morning there was a power outage for about two hours. It happened just as Muffin started the coffee maker, so he and Mike walked to Starbucks, which was on the side of the street with electricity, and brought coffee to Joy and me. :)

Tonight we're walking to Fort Reno, highest point in DC, to watch the fireworks over the Washington Monument. 

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