Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scooter can count to two!

Every morning when I take my vitamins and calcium I give Scooter two pills--one for his liver function and one for arthritis pain. The pain med is tasty to him. He gets half a pill and just takes it from my hand like a treat. The liver function med is a slick tablet with no taste and I coat it with peanut butter or cheese dip for him. This morning he was lazy and I was out of time, so I just gave him the pain med and ran out the door to my Bible study. When I got home I had very little time for lunch before my first student arrived, so I skipped the pill. All afternoon Scooter came in the studio, looked at me curiously, and offered his paw. He would wander out into the foyer or living room, look back at me and stare. This process repeated for no less than four and a half hours. Finally, with the last students out the door I gave him the peanut butter coated pill. He has almost ignored me since then. He obviously knows how to count to two.

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