Monday, October 19, 2009


Friday through Sunday Muffin and I were blessed to spend time with the Rowdy Girls. All three of them. Their Daddy/Hubby is on an extended assignment, so CB loaded up, and I do mean loaded, her SUV with girls, dogs, and gear for all and headed for our house. The photos aren't too terrific, but we were playing, not being photographers. CB spent a couple of hours Friday at our favorite salon getting a beautiful hair cut, shampoo, and....ahem.... coloring those one or two not so brunette hairs. Meanwhile, Grandpa and Marmee snuggled and took the girls for spins in the barber chair. Dubbie did a great service when he gave me one of his chairs many years ago. This chair has lived in California and Texas--five houses in all. Many children and grandchildren like to perch on the footrest, watch movies or TV shows and take a twirl.
Roo in the seat. Em on the footrest. Grandpa doing the twirling. (The angelic light over Roo's head is not a halo, although it could be. Rather, it is the light through the window in our front door.)

Em snuggling with CB

Saturday CB spent an hour with our favorite massage therapist. We watched dancers on YouTube and colored on a big tablet that Grandpa bought at Mardel. He cooked pancakes that morning and the RG's ate lots of them. I played the violin for them and every time I stopped, Em would say "Try Again!". I have five rehearsals and five concerts ahead of me this week, so I'll be trying again and again and again, get the point.

Roo Reading

This is a familiar sight with every visit. Roo loves to read. She has such a mind for analyzing words that when we watched a Sesame Street podcast with the Word on the Street as "glockenspiel" about five hours later she spelled the word from memory. Of course we think both girls are the smartest three year olds in all the world.

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