Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Jbear and Gracie are here with us and their Mommy, Boo, while their Daddy travels around TX for his work. We are extremely grateful that he left them in our care for a few days.  So much fun for us and more fun for Boo than staying in AZ with them alone. 

Today the wind blew terribly. Then it turned dark and began to thunder. Finally some beautiful rain fell. We need lots more, but are thankful for that much. Then the sun came out and it was a clear, cool, beautiful day. Jbear pronounced it to be such a day. As he helped Grandpa bake an apple pie he twice announced, "Grandpa, it's a beautiful day." I think that may have been a slight hint to play in the sandbox, but he was content to stick with the baking. 

It was also a beautiful day for watching Gracie learn new motor skills and explore her surroundings--stairs, brick hearth, chair rungs, discarded shoes, the barber chair that was Dubbie's.  A perfectly beautiful day for smocking an Easter dress. Lovely day for visiting with Nannie. Great day for Scooter to pack his doggie bag and ride in the car with Nannie to her house. Perfect day for a nap for Grandpa, who has a bit of a sore throat. Fabulous day for re-formatting some documents for my studio. Beautiful day for cooking King Ranch Chicken and eating it by a fire after a good workout at the gym. 

And it was the perfect day for Nannie's best friend since high school, Maxine Marie, to go be with Jesus after many months of battling cancer.  Thanks for sharing your middle name with me. We will all see you soon.

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