Friday, March 20, 2009

Cake Break

This beautiful spring day I managed to be productive. Wrote a report on public relations to be delivered to a state convention of a music club next week. Delivered two tablecloths, one sheet of music and a book for a silent auction to the music club president's home. Took white chocolate apricot bread to my Mom, the Great Grand Nannie of them all. Central Market's bakery bakes that bread on Fridays, and Muffin stops there on the way home to buy a few groceries for us. He cooked fresh shrimp from the Market for our dinner tonight--boiled them in the pot right on top of our stove. Yum!  And after we ate delicious shrimp we did an aerobic workout at the gym. 

In the middle of the afternoon I took a break from sewing, laundry, and answering mail to bake a cake. PW's Chocolate Sheet Cake is mostly butter and cocoa held together with a few other basic ingredients. It goes together really quickly and looks good enough to swim in before you eat it. Problem is that it isn't for us. Nope. I delivered it to an Emmaus team meeting for lunch tomorrow.  And I trust they will be blessed. 

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