Saturday, March 28, 2009

And How was Your Day?

Today we were awakened, after a late night of sewing, to a wild-eyed Jbear. He woke at 2 a.m. with his ears hurting, saying he "lost his yawn" and was never able to sleep again. Boo sat up with him for hours and fed him Tylenol to keep him relatively quiet. Rowdy Girls and Gracie slept late, but by 10 a.m. we had a plan to call our fabulous neighbor/doctor/friend, Dr. Will, and beg. Between a morning of buying trees and an afternoon of Awanas with his own children, he dropped in and pronounced Jbear's right ear as "unhappy" and the left ear "not far behind". He used our phone to call in a prescription, talked to us a few minutes, and after being hugged and thanked by Jbear, a.k.a. Buzz Lightyear, went out on our unseasonably cold day in March. As a  thank you gift for him, I searched the internet finding and purchasing my favorite little Golden Book from the 1950's, Dr. Squash, by Margaret Wise Brown. 

After playing the piano, running through the house, surfing the stairs, and a few other high volume activities, Jbear and Em wore out. Roo was not far behind after a morning of memory cards, stacking birthday candles, and avoiding the twin and cousin. In fact she could be heard saying "Are you OK, Ruby?"  At 11:30 her blood sugar totally bottomed and she begged for food. After eating a bowl of mac & cheese, half a fried egg, some mashed potatoes, and a smoothie with half an avocado and banana in it, she was fine. Off to a nice nap for Jbear and the Rowdy Girls. 

Then Gracie woke up. She played and charmed everyone and ate half a bowl of mashed potatoes.  While Boo and Michael fetched antibiotics for Jbear, Grandpa and CB watched Gracie, and I finished the Easter Dresses. Boo caught a nap to make up for her sleepless night. Before CB and girls drove away to their home in the Hill Country to see their lonely husband/daddy, we caught this photo while the girls modeled their new dresses over their leggings. Special guest appearance is by Buzz Lightyear, feeling much better after a dose of pink medicine and a nap.

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