Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stepping Up, Wising Up, Shaping Up

In 2008 my word for the year was “The Word”. I did my best to learn from God’s Word, studying with my Wednesday Morning Girls the Beth Moore Stepping Up beginning in January. We were so blessed by the six week study that we repeated it beginning in March. Those Psalms of Ascent lifted me right up the steps of the temple into His presence!

In September we began Wising Up, the Beth Moore DVD study of the Proverbs. I definitely felt wiser when we finished in December. Now it’s 2009 and I need a shape up. Today I pummeled my body at the gym, riding a recumbent bike and walking on the treadmill, plus resistance training. If I have a shred of energy after teaching I plan to attend my Body Flow class. I saw the lead instructor for Flow at the gym and she told me they are adding 6 new Flow classes, for a total of 12. Hopefully I will be able to attend 5 or more per week and really stretch myself. I would love to be able to accomplish a decent “cow pose” by the end of 2009! So much for shaping the body.

For the brain shape I’m playing “Twirl” on Facebook. Very addicting, but excellent for honing the word skills. The player is given 6 letters, scrambled. You have a finite time to form as many 3, 4, 5 and a minimum or one 6 letter word as possible. I’ve had to look up some of them that I don’t know. At the end of the time period, all the possible words appear in the blanks, just to inform the player of how successful, or unsuccessful, you are.

To further shape my brain I’m reading Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages. It’s an excellent discovery for married couples about how to keep your spouse’s “love tank” filled.

Shaping my spirit is best left to the Holy Spirit, but there are ways I can present mine to His. I am memorizing scripture, praying while working out my body, and next week will begin the Esther study with the WMG’s. I’m certain that my spirit won’t need a heating pad and Advil after the workout like my body does.

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